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      Pay Per Call Company is an experienced leader on leads generation services market since business to business was founded. It was established as a new type of professionally organised lead generation company, based on a strong and unique system of business leads with brilliant stuff and modern equipment, excellent knowledge, targets and dead lines. 


        As a lead generation company, we can brace your sales department so you will never feel the timewasting in endless search of clients. Our lead marketing and lead generation services will give your company clarity to the new revenue, generate qualified leads online, so the sales opportunity will really jump.
In addition to all advantges of leads generation services, we become a prolongation aimimg to enhance sales leads.         

      We are using system and tools, technology and knowledge, organizing it in profitable way, instead of using human factors. We’ll help your team to develop sales plan, develop lead tracking and scoring systems, find the right direction to the customers needs, develop sales capacity and keep it stable, fertilize warm leads and generate a constant flow of qualified inbound leads online.
        Our business model is always straight, always forward. We generate high quality leads online constructed by huge data base targeting and by a proven conversational based approach.
We built relible system that really helps our clients to find leads online in a short time. Our unique lead generation system that is focused on the result and organized for several years brings the success of our regular partners and trustworthy relationships with them. We appreciate our partners and try to meet all their business leads needs. Our success is our customers success. 

What we do

       You are in business to do one thing, offer your customers the best service. But first – you need to buy leads online. As a business owner, you learn to advertise using internet, radio, TV coupons, atc. Some of the aspects of internet advertising have gotten so technical that it almost requires full time attention, just to rival with the competition. Pay Per Call allows us to do our best in searching right and unique leads online, and allows you to continue do what you're good at, make your customers happy. We have built numerous ammount of professional web-sites and promoted them in lead generation services network as well. So we know for sure how to be a stable market player with a huge leads online base.

How we do

       Pay Per Call, your business lead generator, find, define, alter and close your main tasks. We find out better than anyone what it takes to turn potential customers into real lead online and then profit for your business. The only thing you need to do is to figure out the main goal which you want to be acheived. Then you just send us the compeleted application online. Our lead generation company will provide you with exclusive leads online so you can save the money, expand and grow your business.
      If you want a strong and powerful lead generation program that coordinate with your revenue goals, please contact us. Use the form on this page to contact us. We’re delighted to learn more about your business and we’re ready to invest the time on the way of your success.

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